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Electric Parasol Heater

Electric Parasol Heater - Components

Electric halogen patio heater introduces a new revolution for outdoor living. Instead of using a propane or oil fired patio heater, useing this halogen electric heater runs on regular household, is less expensive to operate than propane patio heater. Attached to any standard umbrella center pole. Also, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. This is the perfect way to easily bring the heat where ever you go.

For product specific information, please refer to our product link: https://www.arttoreal.com/products/electric-parasol-patio-umbrella-heaters-folding-infrared.

During our sale, we will receive some emails, 80% of which are: Are there replacement parts for sale? / Isn't the three leaves easy to open? Do you have this question? If so, please keep reading~~

 First of all, we have separate related accessories (as shown in the real shot).

Please pay attention to the video for how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnz-jMd_pvA

Generally speaking, there is an additional charge for this product, but we promise that if it is a customer who has purchased it (the order number is required) and needs to be replaced, we can send it for you for free (but the postage is your responsibility).

Please feel free to contact service@arttoreal.com if you needd any help.


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