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The Best Christmas Decorations for Indoor and Outdoor

The Best Christmas Decorations for Indoor and Outdoor

The Best Christmas Decorations for Indoor and Outdoor

After a busy year, family reunion is the happiest moment on the last Christmas day, and we are about to usher in a new journey.

When the festival is coming, it is of course indispensable to decorate the home to add a festive atmosphere. To be more festive, you can decorate your favorite ornaments in your living room, bedroom, office, shop, apartment, etc. to create a truly merry Christmas night.

The most popular Christmas decorations are here, let us help you find the perfect Christmas decorations:

7 inch Christmas tree

7 Inch Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones is made of high-quality eco-friendly PVC material, with 1200 branch tips, which looks more realistic and fuller, creating a natural look and bringing an outdoor feel to your space.
Sturdy branches strong enough to hold wreaths and all your favorite decorations for a custom look. Easy to assemble, disassemble and store. It stands tall with the help of a sturdy metal base. You can take home a high-quality Christmas tree that your family and friends will love!

4-piece Christmas tree set

Set of four faux berries, pine cones, LED lights, and hinged branches complement any holiday display for a natural look. Realistic twigs, berries, pine cones are durable. 8 lighting modes for you to choose - Combination, Wave, Sequential, Slow Light, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady.
It's perfect for your mantel, door, bar, hallway, or anywhere you need decorative lighting to celebrate the holidays, and more to inspire holiday cheer in your home, office, holiday parties, and more.

Christmas Inflatable Santa

This inflatable Santa Claus with helicopter has built-in 3 LED lights to make the helicopter appear colorful. There are four stakes and two ropes to keep it stable in the yard and not toppled by the breeze.
Packaged in a square box for easy storage and space saving. Great for indoor and outdoor decoration, kids also love it as a Christmas gift.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor, parties, stage props, etc. Outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations will bring a happy Christmas to your family.

Christmas Inflatable Snowman

This 8-inch Christmas inflatable snowman comes with a fan and self-inflates. 4 built-in LED lights, thickened design with durable material, fade-resistant for long-term repeated use and weather-resistant requirements. Place on the front door of your store, studio, restaurant, mall, display window, commercial building to create an eye-catching effect and increase foot traffic. Create a Christmas wonderland for winter decorations, holiday time, parties, night events, Christmas Eve or other celebrations!

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How To Maintain Our Outdoor Furniture

How To Maintain Our Outdoor Furniture

How To Maintain Our Outdoor Furniture

Want to enjoy outdoor time? In a daze, chat, take a nap, or eat something delicious. We have conducted thorough research and thoughtful consideration on outdoor furniture, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the furniture. Our outdoor furniture is made of durable materials and uses additional protection techniques to withstand the sun and rain. Let you enjoy the outdoor time!

Caring for Aluminum Furniture

Deep Cleaning

    Use a mild soap solution, and scrub, rinse, and dry as described. To remove rust stains or mold, sand the area lightly using fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe it clean, and apply touch-up paint if needed (available through the manufacturer) in several thin layers. Let dry between coats. Humidity may affect the paint, so it's best to work on a dry day.


    After cleaning, apply a coat of quality liquid or paste auto wax with a lint-free cloth if recommended by the furniture's manufacturer. Use a silicone spray to lubricate swivels and glides on chairs, as well as ribs and poles on umbrellas. Inspect for rust or chips regularly, especially in hidden areas where the surface may be unfinished (even stainless steel can corrode in salty environments).

Caring for Wicker Furniture

Deep Cleaning

    To remove dirt and debris, vacuum with a dust-brush attachment or use a dry paintbrush. Clean with a mild soap solution. Scrub, and rinse. Avoid using too much water, which can weaken the fibers. Dry as described.


    Regular cleaning is recommended for wicker, as it generally cannot endure harsh or abrasive treatments. This also minimizes mildew buildup. Sand lightly with fine-grit sandpaper to remove any peeling paint, and touch up with paint as necessary.Sunlight is the primary enemy of wicker. Always cover wicker furniture if you intend to leave it.

Caring for Plywood Furniture

Deep Cleaning

    Use this method for a quick clean-up here and there throughout the season — adding in the bleach solution to eliminate any stubborn stains or dirt build-up from the winter months.Mix mild dish soap and warm water in a bucket.Use a clean cloth to wipe the soapy mixture onto the surfaces of your furniture, cleaning off any dirt.For extra cleaning power, mix 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water.Apply bleach mixture to furniture with a clean cloth and allow it to sit on the lumber for a few minutes (this will not affect the color).Loosen any dirt and debris that may catch in the surface grooves of the lumber by scrubbing the bleach mixture with a soft-bristle brush.Rinse thoroughly.


    Before installation, remember to keep your plywood dry and store in a protected area. Store your plywood on a flat, dry surface with a cover sheet on top. Do not store your plywood sideways as this will cause bowing. Avoid direct sunlight, wind, rain and humidity, all of which can affect the appearance of your plywood.Do not use oil-based products on Hoop Pine plywood.Take care in freestanding applications. Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by changes in ambient weather conditions, possibly causing previously flat sheets to bow are concerned. So better to keep plywood not under the strong sun.

Caring for Cushions

Deep Cleaning

    Removable covers sometimes can be machine-washed in cold water, using mild, bleach-free laundry soap, and then air-dried. To hand-wash, submerge the fabric in a solution of 1/4 cup gentle liquid soap, such as Ivory, and 1 gallon lukewarm water (do not exceed 100 degrees), swishing gently. Rinse, and air-dry. To clean mold from solution-dyed fabrics, mix 1 gallon warm water with 2 tablespoons oxygen bleach if the care guide lists it as an approved cleaning agent. Wet the affected area, and scrub with a soft-bristle brush. Rinse, and air-dry.


    Regularly brush off dirt and debris, and rinse as needed. Wipe spills and stains immediately with a wet cloth and a mild soap solution, because certain liquids, such as sunscreen, may cause discoloration. Some fabrics have a water-repellent finish (check care guide) that loses effectiveness over time. To restore repelled, clean and dry the material, and then apply a fabric protector, such as 303 High Tech Fabric Guard (not suitable for vinyl or plastics). Let dry between coats. Repeat once a year or whenever water stops beading on the surface.

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How to Choose the Best Swings for your Family & Home

How to Choose the Best Swings for your Family & Home

The Most Popular Swings

Everyone loves a swing. Adding one to your porch or backyard is a great way to enjoy better weather in comfort. Of course, different aesthetics and favorite styles are also different. You can enjoy spending happy hours on it, it's the perfect vehicle to unwind. You can find many different models on the market, each with its own unique features.

The most popular swing is here. Let us help you find the perfect swing for you and your family to enjoy! So, let's start now:

Swing Hammock Type

Through market research, we have selected the following several people's favorite egg-shaped hanging swing chairs for you, all equipped with comfortable cushions, waterproof and UV-resistant. There are two materials, aluminum alloy and rattan wicker. Perfect for any outside space such as a backyard patio, deck, sunroom or garden, porch or poolside or outdoor bar. Enjoy listening to music, drinking coffee, reading or just relaxing on the egg swing chair. Next, we will introduce in turn:

Swing Chair with Hanging Kit

Arttoreal swing chair is the best choice for adults, it is equipped with a comfortable cushion, even if you sit for a long time, you will not feel sore, and the cushion is waterproof and easy to clean. It is a good choice to place in the bedroom, courtyard or terrace.

Different from other swings, lighter and more durable than other metals, the white powder coating prevents the aluminum frame from rusting.

The swing itself can be wood, wicker, or metal, and here at Arttoreal you can find great porch swings without breaking the bank. Adding one to your porch or backyard is a great way to enjoy better weather in comfort—you don't have to miss a single sunrise or sunset—and it's a simple pleasure anyone can enjoy.

Aluminum Alloy Swing Chair



FASHION DESIGN - This fun egg shaped porch swing chair is the perfect addition to your backyard, patio, garden or balcony. It comes with a stand base so it can be placed anywhere.

Metal Frame - Lighter and more durable than other metals, the white powder coating prevents the aluminum frame from rusting. Equipped with waterproof and UV-resistant cushions. It is the best to rely on when you are tired and relaxed.

Wicker Swing Chair

The seat and frame of the egg chair are constructed of polyethylene rattan resin wicker wrapped around a steel frame for weather resistance, strength, and durability; nylon cord is used for the back; polyester material and polyester fibers are used for the seat cushion and headrest fill core.

Connected to the aluminum alloy bracket and metal chain, it is easy to disassemble and install, and can be moved to a suitable position at will.

Why choose us?

1. Fast delivery and delivery time - delivery from warehouses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany
2. 30 days return refund period - Our Return & Refund Policy
3. Safety guarantee
4. Get the most benefit with the least money

Contact us

If you have any problems,please send mail to service@arttoreal.com.

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As Summer comes to an end, we start thinking about how we want to begin the next season and how we want to set the tone in our homes. An obvious but sometimes tricky home essential is finding the perfect sofa for your space.

The Arttoreal Store sofa line is distinctive and unique, putting comfort and quality in the limelight. Whatever your space and style is, you will be able to find something perfectly suited to your tastes.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about our sofas:


What you don’t know is that these are completely removable and washable! Perfect for big families with children and pets, who are a bit worried about the maintenance of this kind of sofa.


We offer a range of effortless neutral colours in our website, which are easy to combine with any interior. However, if you have a special request for a different shade, you can contact customer service for other possible options.


As we expand our collection, we introduce different materials and fabrics with innovative properties. Some of many include: stain resistant and easy to clean upholstery, certified sustainable fabrics..


Who doesn’t love a adjustable sofa? It is the ideal choice for those of you who every now and then get the overwhelming urge to change everything in your home.

Patent Copyright

This is the only one on the market, and we have applied for a patent. You can enjoy a one-of-a-kind chair.

The wicker recliner Sofa is the perfect choice for a cosy indoor lounge where you can spend countless hours lying around and enjoying time with your loved ones.
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Favorite New Arrivals! (Part 2) - Large Furniture

Favorite New Arrivals! (Part 2) - Large Furniture

Your home is the place where you can express your personality and style, however, at one time or another, most of us have experienced the feeling of looking around our homes and lacking a little inspiration.

And sooner or later you’ll realise that a little spruce up and a quick rearrange in your home will do just the trick, allowing you to feel inspired once again. If you are ready to fall in love with your home all over again, keep reading!

 Arttoreal Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets, 4 Piece Aluminum Sectional Sofa, with Grey Cushions

The simple elegance of this deep seating group with soft cushions offers refined outdoor seating for your home. Durable powder-coated slate aluminum frames are rendered in gentle angles, creating a perfectly scaled silhouette equally suitable for spaces large and small. 


Arttoreal Dining Table Dinette Table for 2-4 People,Square Kitchen Table for Dining Guest Reception, White

Whether you're adding that final finishing touch to your welcoming and timeless kitchen aesthetic or simply staging a breezy seating group for your seaside-inspired abode, Set it on a cotton rug in your eat-in kitchen, then pull up a group of matching counter stools to gather friends and family for casual brunches and dinners.


Arttoreal Outdoor Aluminum Furniture Set - 4 Pieces Patio Sectional Chat Sofa Conversation Set with Table

Create a relaxing outdoor space with this 4-Piece Conversation Set. Two single sofa and one 3 -seat sofa is assembled, do not need to assemble. So you can spend more time enjoying your patio.


Arttoreal Aluminum Patio Sofa 3 Piece Outdoor Sectional Set, Outdoor Furniture with Tea Table

Enjoy your outdoor time with your family members or friends with this  patio furniture set. This sofa set offers a relaxing atmosphere to unwind. Featuring a stable structure and UV-resistant performance, this patio furniture set is designed for extended lifespan, perfect for patio, garden, porch, backyard, poolside and other outdoor living space.


Arttoreal Outdoor Tempered Glass Dining Room Table with Metal Legs, White, for 6 people

Arttoreal Outdoor Patio Furniture Set with Aluminum Sofa Set for Porch Garden, Sectional Chair with Coffee Table and Grey Cushion

 It is morden design and perfect for outdoor and big backyards alike, this outdoor seating group includes one three seat sofa, two single sofa and one coffee table. This set is ideal for seating up to 5-6. 


We are able to customize furniture pieces, such as sofas, according to the size of your space, maximizing the full potential and practicality of your home.

Contact us at service@arttoreal.com and let’s create beautiful spaces together.(All the above products can support self-pickup.)

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A Closer Look At Our Favorite New Arrivals!(Part 1)

A Closer Look At Our Favorite New Arrivals!(Part 1)

As the new season comes in, we welcome blue skies, endless sunsets, perfect family moments. At Arttoreal store, we welcome plenty of new products and some oldies but goodies, that keep coming back in stock by popular demand.

 3-piece with Modern Style, Small Space Sofa for Living Room

This 3 piece Deep Seat Chair Set features two piece patio chair and an end table. Relax on your back porch during movie night, the neighborhood barbecue, or a big birthday party with this modern outdoor club chair set. 


Outdoor Patio Chairs with Ottomans

Made of modern aluminum, no rust fabric with a hardwood frame as the basic structure, which is breathable and comfortable. The couch adopts an armrest arc design, with soft cushions and a reinforced back, eases the rebound, perfect fits for your body, and will not make people feel tired after long-term use.


Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair Outdoor Five-Position Recliner

This chaise lounge is easy to be assembled, and ultralight frame allows you to move it wherever you want. Multi-purpose design that can serve as an outdoor chair or cot for the comfortable sunbathing. Used not only as camping, patio and courtyard. Imagine how you will enjoy time on these lounge chairs.


Papasan Chair with 360-degree Swivel

Nest into the generously large Dacron-filled cushion. Enjoy the boho styling of our durable resin wicker wrapped over a metal frame. Complete with a 360° swivel to twist and turn to your heart’s content. Tune in to a time when listening to your favorite albums and sipping on a cool, refreshing drink was your only ambition for the day. Add a bit of fun to your living room, family room or dorm with our easy, casual Papasan Chair. Available in several exciting colors and finishes. Durable, well built and just plain fun!

Each piece is completely unique, with its perfect imperfections that make it all the more special to have in your home.

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Electric Parasol Heater

Electric Parasol Heater - Components

Electric halogen patio heater introduces a new revolution for outdoor living. Instead of using a propane or oil fired patio heater, useing this halogen electric heater runs on regular household, is less expensive to operate than propane patio heater. Attached to any standard umbrella center pole. Also, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. This is the perfect way to easily bring the heat where ever you go.

For product specific information, please refer to our product link: https://www.arttoreal.com/products/electric-parasol-patio-umbrella-heaters-folding-infrared.

During our sale, we will receive some emails, 80% of which are: Are there replacement parts for sale? / Isn't the three leaves easy to open? Do you have this question? If so, please keep reading~~

 First of all, we have separate related accessories (as shown in the real shot).

Please pay attention to the video for how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnz-jMd_pvA

Generally speaking, there is an additional charge for this product, but we promise that if it is a customer who has purchased it (the order number is required) and needs to be replaced, we can send it for you for free (but the postage is your responsibility).

Please feel free to contact service@arttoreal.com if you needd any help.


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