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Really nice chair. I especially like the thickness of the cushion. You can expect to find me on the back porch this summer.
@John Deem
I received this item only to find out 1 of 2 was in stock. I contacted the seller (almost immediate response) they said would refund me. I really wanted both. The seller contacted me again almost immediate response to inform me they would waive fees,send other as soon as in stock (June 10th). Very pleased with response time.
@My ATR Moment-Dawn.W
It’s good service & on time 👍
Art -arttoreal.

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“Art is from but beyond life”. Today's modern life can indeed be stressful, inspiring many of us to turn our home's backyard into a haven for relaxation. You may also transform your patio into an entertainment center for your family, friends and neighbors. All you need is a perfect integration project and sections of outdoor patio furniture.