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Choosing the Best Wicker Rattan Chair For Your Home

Choosing the Best Wicker Rattan Chair For Your Home

Purchasing indoor furniture is the first step in arranging our house, and of course the outdoors should not be neglected. People have very different tastes when it comes to picking out outdoor furniture, and we all like to furnish our homes the way we want. As any renter or homeowner can attest, there are many factors to consider when shopping for outdoor patio furniture: cost, color, size, style, and more.

You want to make your home look its best, so we've created a detailed guide to help you find the best outdoor wicker and rattan chairs!

Chair Type
There are many kinds of materials for chairs, which are affected by many outdoor factors, which will affect the service life of the chair. Compared with other materials, wicker rattan chairs have a longer service life and are easier to maintain. It is the best choice for our outdoor furniture.

There are also many types of rattan chairs, including reclining chairs, swivel chairs, rocking chairs, etc. Compact in your patio, porch, garden, sunroom, deck and create an elegant ambience for your space.

Wicker Recliner Chair

This recliner is designed by us based on the different needs of most customers, and has our own patent. Easy to assemble and store, it is equipped with waterproof and UV-resistant comfortable cushions, and has 3 gears that can be automatically adjusted, allowing you to sit or lie down. It is a must-have recliner for every family. In order to prolong the service life of the chair, you can put a furniture protective cover when not in use to prevent dust and so on.

Equipped with a flip table, adjustable backrest and ergonomic structure, this adjustable recliner is our must-have recliner for relaxing indoors and outdoors.

Wicker Swivel Chair Set



The first swivel chair sets come in navy, khaki and red, with navy being the most popular. The two swivel chairs are equipped with waterproof and UV-resistant comfortable cushion, it can rotate 360 degrees and stay in any position. The matching rattan tempered glass top coffee table can place books and other items. Going out and returning home to enjoy the comfort of the rocking chair, fatigue will dissipate. On the patio, porch can enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

The difference between the two models is that the former has 3 colors to choose from, while the latter only has khaki. And the armrests are different.

Wicker Rocking Chair Set

This rocking chair is equipped with a waterproof and UV-resistant comfortable seat cushion, which is durable and easy to clean. The matching tempered glass top coffee table can place the items you need. Talk and laugh with family or friends, warm and happy.

How to maintain
When not in use, it can be protected with a furniture protective cover, which can achieve dustproof, anti-oxidation and other effects. In case of severe storms and other weather, it is recommended to place it indoors.

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